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Boiler Treatment Kit - Aerosols

Hydro-Solv™ QC Aerosol Hydronic System Cleaner

The product of choice for online and new installation cleanup jobs.

Hydro-Solv™ QC is a concentrated triple-action aerosol hydronic system cleaner, dispersant and corrosion inhibitor for all types of closed loops, ground source geothermal and solar heating systems. When used as directed, Hydro-Solv™ QC is safe for aluminum boilers and will quickly remove accumulations of scale, corrosion, organic material, flux residue, cutting oils, dirt and biological contamination.

It is recommended that all new hydronic systems be cleaned and passivated with Hydro-Solv™ QC prior to putting the system in service. It will penetrate and disperse a broad range of mineral and organic foulants and help recover lost efficiency in older fouled and corroded systems. In addition, Hydro-Solv™ QC contains corrosion inhibitor additives that will help protect system metals during the cleaning process. Cleaning and removing cutting oils and tapping fluid will help control bacterial growth. Flushing pipe cuttings, iron oxides and welding by-products with Hydro-Solv™ QC will help prevent damage to seals, pump impellers, piping and heat exchangers due to abrasion. When used as directed, it effectively cleans iron, copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Hydro-Solv™ QC will not harm flexible tubing.

Hydro-Solv™ QC contains no acids or Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Pro-Tek® QT Aerosol Hydronic System Treatment

Concentrated corrosion inhibitor treatment.Pro Tek QT Bottle

Pro-Tek® QT is a concentrated organic corrosion inhibitor treatment specially formulated for closed loop heating and cooling systems. Many water sources used in hydronic systems can be very corrosive to metals. Pro-Tek® QT will help to reduce corrosion on aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and stainless steel. Pro-Tek® QT has also been tested and is compatible with standard PEX and Onix tubing typically used in hydronic installations.

Pro-Tek® QT is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

After cleaning the system with Hydro-Solv™ QC and thoroughly flushing it until the water runs clear, fill it with clean fluid and inject Pro-Tek® QT through the boiler drain valve. A clean system will ensure better results with the Pro-Tek® QT corrosion inhibitor treatment.

NOTE: The aerosol duo cleans and treats an average residential hydronic system of up to 25 gallons. These products are available as the aerosol duo (i.e. in a kit) or individually.

Rhomar Water’s new Aerosol Duo – Pro-Tek® QT and Hydro-SolvTM QC are made in the USA and each feature a swivel connector that allows you to easily screw it directly onto a 3/4″ boiler drain valve. No more hunting for an adapter or rotating the can!

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